The Dome is specially designed for Boom Operator, Sound Recordist, Productions Sound Mixers, one-man-band mixers. It is a useful tool for organizing your Boompoles and storing them in a safe place and/or on your sound cart. The best way to use it in combination with the Original Quickfist Clamp is from

It is made of strong 3D printed PLA material. So when you bump your cart against a wall it will not break. It can take some beating. It is designed with a hole in the middle so when you are shooting in the rain the water can drip out of the dome. The design also ensures that the dome stays in place. By using the M8 screws and bolts that you get included for free.

This way we ensure that you can safely go on the road with your expensive belongings.

Many customers use the well-known Zuca sound carts.
**It is an option to have the dome made with M6 holes so you can attach it to your cart. We do not include the screws. We do not guarantee that the dome will stay in place with m6 screws and bolts.

The standard color is black, but it is available in yellow, red, orange, blue, white, and transparent.

It can be used with with brands;