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Navigating Store soundspectre online.

The soundspectre online platform does not function as a common e-commerce portal. There is no quick and easy “add to cart” and “check-out page”. I believe we need to consume more conscious and think about whether we really want to buy a certain item online. This platform is designed to connect more with you, the client, and to be able to give you better and more specific information on any of the garments. The basic navigation will look like this:

You move your way through the Categories pages;

When you see an item you like, or have been looking for specifically, you can check its size availability* in the item overview and request an invoice;

Within 12hrs I send you an invoice with a payment option, but also detailed information to make sure this is truly something you want to order;

After the payment is confirmed, your order will be produced and shipped. Depending if the product is in stock or have to be created by your ideas;

If you want to get an invoice for multiple items, I suggest you use the Contact form instead of requesting an invoice per individual item.

I understand it might seem a bit of a hassle at times, but please keep in consideration that eventually the time frame for payment+shipping is pretty similar to a regular e-commerce site.

My aim is to reduce unnecessary shipping+returns, thus lowering the impact on our planet, and to ensure you find an item you absolutely want. With a bit more effort, things become more effortless.

Please check the FAQ and About page for more information on how I (want to) do business.

I can not guarantee 100% that the available stock is always real-time. It’s updated manually during various moments in the day.

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